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   Mar. 31  big blizzard   We had the nicest weekend all winter and now we must pay.  This month came in like a polar bear and is leaving like a yetti .  We had our first night above freezing Sunday. And we have the biggest drifts I have seen in 15 years . Fishing had been real good for walleyes and big pike the last 5 days . Hopefully we can still get on the lake.

   Mar. 16 cold -16  It just doesn't quit!!  Cold mornings and warm afternoons . Fishing was real good for people in portables . And they didn't go up north. Limits of 15-19" walleyes as well as some big slots. Our houses were slower with saugers making up most of the catch.  But the fish are moving in and should pick up.

   Mar. 6  mild  Fishing has been good the last two days. With an average of 22 fish per house. As well as a 24" and a 27" walleyes. Weather is getting better but we still have plenty of soft snow, hopefully the warm weather will settle the snow.

   Mar.1  -27  -16 high  w/c -50  Another tough weekend for weather. Fishing has been good with a mix of walleyes and saugers in 28' . But I am looking forward to some reasonable weather this coming week. ( I hope)

  Feb.21   BLIZZARD  After 3 nice days we get this again. By my count it's the 10th weekend we've had wind and or snow. And were in for another week of cold weather. But on the up side the fishing in 26'-28' was better than we had last week. We also moved some houses into 14'. Just need the wind to slow so we can fish them .

    FEB. 9  Still cold -20's lows  Fishing was good this weekend houses were catching 40 walleyes and saugers a day.  Some were nice 17"-18" walleyes. We also had another crappie. Less slots than usual probably the cold front.

  Feb.2  -25 +6   Good day yesterday with some house getting limit and big walleyes . Everyone ate fish and took home fish. So all in all good weekend. Weather is still a mess but no blizzards and less wind and snow. They say one more week of cold then we should see warmer temps. I can't wait.

   Jan.29 warm / cold   A one day warm up again. Fishing is like the weather  with some days good and some slower. We had 2 over 28" the other day which was fun. I went  for a couple hours in the blowing snow ( which has become the norm this year) and kept 3 nice saugers in 2 hours . The fish were up to the old follow and go back down.

    Jan. 25  BLIZARD   We have had enough blowing snow too last the rest of the year. We still are doing pretty good with the same mix of saugers and walleyes we've seen all year. The lake is flooding in lots of places making thing a challenge. We probably will not get to the reefs this year . Due to snow and wind as well as the flooding that is still going on. But if the fishing continues the way it is we won't miss the ride.

  Jan. 19  mild +20   Fishing is good with lots of nice walleyes and saugers . Some big walleyes have been caught as well. Tulibees are big and plentifull as well. Most are coming in on minnow heads and spoons.

  Jan. 16 blizzard -20  Yuck The weather has gone bad again but the fish were still going good. Walleyes and saugers have been small for the most but some real nice fish are coming in. As well as another storm for Sat.. All these storms are making getting around a challenge.  This will be the 4th clipper this week. Almost makes you want the cold again.

  Jan. 11 +27  AHH. A few nice days  Fishing was pretty good but you have to keep 12" saugers if you want to limit. We had some nice17+" walleyes and slots. Most of the big saugers are about 15".

  Jan. 8  LAST DAY  -23  high 0  And does that feel nice. This has been the most brutal stretch of weather we have seen in 15 years.  Fishing has been either morning or afternoon. Hopefully the warm weather a head will get them biting all day.

   Jan. 5  COLD  Not the -40's but wind and -26  is still cold. But we up here are tough or crazy. They had school on Thurs. with -40 and chill of -55.  Fishing was good with the snow on Friday and cold on Saturday. Lot's of slot fish and o.k. keeper fishing . All had good action though they didn't keep a lot. Average was 10-12 fish per house.

     Jan 2 HAPPY NEW YEAR  Though it's a lot like the old year with - 40 this morn. Fishing was a little slow today just like everything. Were moving out a little deeper and hoping for the weather to settle down. But it looks like Jan. will be Jan..

  Dec. 29  cold -28   Fishing was an adventure yesterday . But it was pretty good. We had a ground blizzard and falling temps. Still catching some nice slot walleyes as well as a few that are under . Mostly 12"- 14" walleyes and saugers are what we've cleaned. But everyone had lots of action.

Dec. 26  nice sun and +15  Merry Christmas   Nice weather today but Monday we saw -33 . That's cold !! Fishing ended up pretty good before Christmas. Looks like a nice weekend then back to the cold.

  Dec.20  mild 10  Fishing is still going good. Lots of small fish as well as eater fish. We are a little limited with the ice and snow. But we are staying on the fish pretty well. Alot of slot fish caught yesterday.

  Dec.15 still cold  -29 to -15   WHAT'S UP WITH THIS.  One would think that all the cold would have made some more ice. But we found a lot of 9" ice beyond our houses . I hope we don't get any snow for a while. Fishing on the up side has been very good Jean's dad and relatives were done yesterday by 3:00. They had some real nice fish.

  Dec. 12 still cold  14" ice  Fishing has been good it would be great if the slot fish were smaller. First groups all did well and limited as well as ate fish. If you are after big walleyes 16' is the place to go. Travel is still light trucks but maybe 1/2 tons by the weekend. Snowmobile over atv's but there are plces you can take atv's.  Frozen shiner working well

   Dec. 8 -28 cold start +6   First group of the season did well today. Fishing in 18' they caught some nice fish lot of eater fish and some big ones. Broke a few lines and lost a pole. But they still had fun. 

  Dec. 3   lite snow  22 Fishing is awesome right now with guys catching over 100 a day. Looks like a good start this year. Now if we can dodge the snow and add some ice . We are hoping to pull houses tomorrow. It's going to be cold this weekend hopefully it won't stun the fish too bad. No deer harvested as Jean did not see a buck and the 8 I saw were yearlings .

    Nov. 12  cold 9   All the ducks are gone for the winter. Well the ones that stayed in the bay any how.  The bay is frozen solid with up to 2" of flat ice. Now all we need is for the lake to follow that.  Bookings are coming fast so don"t wait too long. Fishing forecast is very good as every year the shiner run is good. The fishing is as well . Two years ago was a strong year for shiners and we saw the best ice fishing in years.

    Oct. 27  windy cold  30's  We have had a busy week. Getting ready for winter and enjoying the last days of nice fall weather. Duck hunting has been slow this week. But was the best I have seen since I came up. Trapping season opened yesterday and I was able to catch a few muskrats. Fishing was o.k. yesterday as Jean and Myself were able to catch 7 in 1.5 hours. Warm weather for the weekend will help in getting things done.

  Oct. 12 windy/ wet  60's  Even with the rough water the fish were still biting. We haven't seen the real big walleyes yet. There out in the 30'+ water. Walleyes are running good in 17' and 25' . Saugers are in between 18'+.

    Oct. 10  sunny 70's   If you like too fish stay home. Because what's happening now can't be call fishing. IT'S CATCHING   Jean and I went out at 4:00 and caught 14 fish in less than 30 min. . Walleyes ran14.5-17"and the saugers ran 14". [some were fried by 6:00]

   Oct. 8 cool / sunny  Fishing has been good the last two days . Yesterday the walleyes bit good and today the saugers out did the walleyes.  Fishing has been in 14'-17'. We have fresh shiners and will have live ones as long as we can.

   Oct. 5 rain/wind  Rob, Allex, and Me went duck hunting and shot 15 ducks . We would have limited but the wind was making it tough. We shot 5 boxes of shells and came up one duck short.

  Oct. 2 rainy cool  The forecast looks grim for Sat. . But on the upside the duck hunting is very good right now. Robbie keeps shooting nicer drake wood ducks every time he goes. Jason is coming home to see if he can still shoot anything. So Rob, Jason , Me and maybe Charlie are going to swift ditch to get some ducks. I bought 4 boxes for Jason at the price of shells I hope he still knows how to hit. Fishing is still going strong in the shallows.

     Sept. 30 70's p/c   Jean and Myself went out fishing and caught our limit. The only thing wrong was we went out to 28' . It took us 3+ hrs. to catch our fish. Mean while everyone in 17' were catching more fish and faster. So why go out so far?  Shiner and jigs

     Sept. 24  75 calm   Fishing has heated up in the shallows.  Big run of shiners in the river has brought the fish to the south end of the lake. 18' in the gap has produced the best keeper walleyes from 17"-19' . Filling the buckets. Big N.Pike showing up as well.

  Sept.16  breezy warm   Jean and I went out and caught two nice walleyes for supper. We fished in 27' with no catches. So we moved into 25' and that's where we caught them. Jigs and shiners.

  Sept. 14 cool light rain eve.  The fish are starting to show in 26' in front of Pine. The guys said they caught 100 fish. Tough lot were small there were lots of keepers and some real bigs. Jigs and shiners.

  Sept. 12  cool breezy   The fall weather is finally here. Now all we need is the shiners to run. Which will bring the walleyes down from up north. The last week has produced some nice fish in front of Pine. This weekend is grouse opener and deer. On Tuesday I was lucky enough to get a nice black bear. On Wed. we cut it up and grilled steaks. Man that was good.


    Sept. 5   warming up  Last 10 days were hot wet then cool .  The walleye fishing has been steadly  improving. We are seeing some limits from in front of the island between 28'and 16'. ( depends on the day)  I went bear hunting and saw three bears that ranged from 80 lbs. to 160 lbs..  The purple martens left on the same day again. Aug.28  The orioles left around the 3rd.

   Aug. 27  hot  Went out fishing yesterday and it took 3 hours to get 12 fish . Most were saugers. We did get 6 walleyes 4 were 17+". The big school went north with the return of the heat. Garden I sland is where the biggest group is.

    Aug. 23 warm sunny  The weather is warming and the fishing really hasn't changed . Walleyes are still off of Long Point.  We have seen a few walleyes along Pine in 14'-16' lot's of small fish and some slots as well. Thank goodness for the saugers this summer as they have produced all summer.

   Aug. 15 Finally some warm weather in the forecast. The fish are moving back to our end of the lake. The last few days they are catching some nice fish 2 miles out. And they are still off long point as well. Tuesday saw two more muskies off Rasberry Island.

    Aug. 4  cool and nice  Light winds today made it a great day for fishing. The last three days we seen two walleyes 31.5and 31.25 . That along with lots of high 20's is what makes August one of the best months for big fish. Also a very good musky month in the east part of the lake. Last tuesday Monte and I went to Morson , Where I caught a 44"and 42" musky.

  Aug. 3  still cool and breezy  The last 2 days Grant has been chartering. Fishing 2 miles north of Lemm's in 34' and catching very nice walleyes. Lots of slots and limits of 17-19" walleyes. It seems they are getting closer to the south shore. Down on this end 32-34 is producing slots and saugers.

    July 26 windy cool  The walleyes have started to bite on the south shore. All summer there has been lots of fish that don't bite. Well they are starting to go now. One guest caught a 30.25" walleye as well as some nice keepers.  The fish are from 29'-32" out from Pine. All methods seem to work.

   July 15 sun warm  Fishing the last couple days up north Garden area has been pretty good. We pulled spinners with nc. and jigs with fz. shiners. Lots of slot walleyes as well as keeper fish. On the south end we have been out 29'-32' where down rigging is doing better than bait. Fish seem to be about the same.

   July 12 warm rain  Fishing has been spotty on the south end. But if your willing to sort the small fish you can do all right. Today 29' off the field with spinners and leeches was good. Rigging out front in29'-32'was putting out a lot of slots and overs. As well as some nice walleyes and saugers.

   July 5 hot sun    The last 5 days have been on the warm side with mid 80's and little wind. Fishing has slowed during this heat. Fish that are going seem to be in 8-14' along Pine.  Some fish out 2 miles are coming on plugs down rigging.

   June30  sun warm    The fishing in the deep has come around. As the fish flies start to hatch the walleyes move out to eat them. Rick and the family went down rigging with good success . Dean and wife pulled spinners in 32' with nc. . They had really good fishing. We also had people in the 18'-22' pulling spinner with minnows. That also worked good.

     June 27  cloudy cool windy  The wind came about 2:00 yesterday and hasn't slowed yet.  Yesterday early in the am . Jean and I went trout fishing in Canada (pic. on facebook) at Souix Narrows. Nice in the morning then the wind came . But we already had our two trout. Fishing here has been the same in shallows still the best. 

   June 24 hot sun wind   The wind died down in the late afternoon enough to go fishing . Jean and I went to our usual spot 7' by the last red buoy . We kept six fish for lunch and caught over thirty (lots of smalls) fish. We also had 4 slots 2-21" 22"and a 26" walleye. Joel and Eillen were close by and caught a pair of 19" as well as others they kept.

   June 23 rain sun breezy  Fishing has been a roller coaster the last two days . With yesterday

 being real good. Today has been slow but now that the rain is gone and the sun is out it may change.

Charlie and Jim did well yesterday in shallow water in the gap. Lots of keepers and some big slots.

   June 20 hot sun  no storms  Fishing was a little slower with the heat and no wind. Yesterday Grant had a   trip and went to the west bar of Garden. Fishing was red hot in the morning . But the wind died and so did the fishing . Out front the shiners are spawning and fishing is good in the shallows.

  June 18 warmer and sun   Walleyes continue to on the bite on the south shore . Fish are coming anywhere from 6'-20'. A few people are pulling shad raps in the shallows with good results. The shiners are coming in to spawn. So look to the shallows for good fishing for a while yet.

    June 15  sunny warm  Muskies and now huge northern pike. Yesterday guests caught 54" 48" and 44" pike along with lots of slot pike. Nice to have guys who listen when you tell them where to go. Walleyes were red hot out front in 6'-12' . Spinners and leeches or crawlers. Jigs with fz shiner or leeches. For the adventurer . The Bridges and Knight reefs are giving up lots of nice walleye and slob fish as well.

   June 13  sunny warm  What is up with the muskies??  For the second time this week a guest has caught a small musky. This one was about 27".  Jean and I went out and did pretty good . We pulled spinners with n.c. and leeches. We had two slot fish in the low 20's and one line breaker. Jean bought me a 805 Broson Wildcat reel on a J Chiggins rod . If your under 60 you probably never heard of it. I love vintage gear for it's simplicity .

   June 11 sunny warm Fishing has been a little slower but still catching lots of small fish. Seeing more fish on spinners and night crawlers. As well as live minnows on a jig. Some nice saugers are showing up as well.

   June 6 sunny and warm 70  Fishing the last couple days is about the same . With lots of walleyes and some saugers. There has been a lot of slot fish as well. Tuesday we had a 31" walleye caught   in 10' in front of the Island. Large pike are being caught as well though not in the usual spots.

  June 2   frost and now cloudy Well at least it isn't raining again. The lake is at it's highest in the last 5+ years. We had another 2"thurs. and friday. But the fishing is still going very good. Last night Jean and I went and caught 20+ fish. Wayne and Becki were playing catch and release with a lot of slot fish including northerns.

  May 28 pc 70 Beautiful day and awesome fishing. Last evening Jean and I when out in 4.5' of water and caught our limit in 1.5 hrs. . We caught 28" walleye and 29" northern as well as 8 keeper walleyes up to 19". And released some of the small ones as well. Today everyone got their limit ,some shallow some 18'.  

  May 27  sun - pc   Fishing was pretty good even with the cloudy water and stronger current . The fish are being caught from 3'-19' with jigs and minnows doing the best . A few fish are coming on leeches. Anchoring is still the way to go as the water is still murky from the 3.4"-5" we got last Sunday.

  May 25 warm sun  Fishing in shallow is still the best. Jeff said it was better than last weekend. He and Joe caught lots of keeper sized fish as well as some nice slots. Jigs and fz shiners still the best. A few fish have come on cranks. But the wood in the water is making that tough. STAY SHALLOW

  May 22  65 sun breezy n.e.   We needed water and we got it in spades . After two days of rain up to four inches the lake level is good . Seems to be one foot higher as a result. The water is dirty but the fish are still on the spawning areas and biting. The weather outlook is nice and warm for the weekend. (We'll see)

     May 18 cool light rain 65  Fishing is red hot   This morning ther was a group of 7 that took a whole hour and twenty minutes to catch their limit. Lots of 16-19" walleyes coming of the spawning areas. Jigs and minnows or fz.shiners working the best.  30 people all catching lots of fish and having fun. 29.5"walleye the biggest at noontoday.

    May 12 cool and less wind   Jean and I went fishing this evening and she caught a 27" walleye. The fish are running big as females are moving into spawn. It's like first of April on the river. We saw lots of big walleyes caught and you had to work for eating size fish. But if you like catching huge walleye this is the time to come.

    May 7 3:00 pm Hot temps. near 80   Jean and I went out for a ride in the boat to check the ice . Seems weird to check ice this time of year. We found we could get out to 20' and the water was pretty clear. From Morris point to Pine was open and it looks like everywhere other than in front of the island is good to go. Fishing this spring should last until at least July in shallow. But that's if we don't go right into summer.

  May 1  cold windy  30's  Well we will have lots of ice on the lake for the opener . Unless we get some real warm - hot weather soon. The bay opened shore to shore yesterday. And it's low just like last year in March. There is a lot of run off heading our way so hopefully the lake comes up.

  April 4  30's sun and wind We still have a foot of snow on the lake and it doesn't look like its going anywhere. We will likely have some ice on the opener or it will have just gotten of anyway the fishing should be awesome.

   Mar.17  - 25  sun   The 2nd coldest day of the winter and it's March. One year ago was the last time I went icefishing last year. It was 75 above. The best fishing was 25 miles out by Garden Island.

   Mar.14  35 sun   The first thaw since Jan. 6 th . And winter is hanging on with the -10's and highs in the teens. Fishing is still going good way up north. Northern fishing has been slow but some nice fish have been caught. Snow is still thick on the lake so snow mobiles or tracks are the only way to get of roads.


   Mar. 2 -4 to 30  sun  The fishing has picked up on the reef with all limiting the last two days. Still getting mostly saugers. We have a few openings yet to go there this weekend. As far as the south end the fishing continues to be slow. I heard that the shiners were showing up at flag and oak so they are moving back to the main lake. call for reef fishing.

   Feb. 24 sun calm 30   Finally it feels like winter is retreating. Reef fishing continues to be good. Yesterday I had a young boy of 7 years catch 3 slot walleyes and a 28" northern pike. Sure made dad proud. The group  of 6 kept 42 fish. (less 4 tullees and the pike)  Guys on there own with snowmobile have been

 getting some really nice walleyes as well as some huge ones 30"+ in less than 18'. It is a short window of about an hour.

  Feb. 18 Blizzard 6" snow 30+nw winds   Reef fishing was pretty good for some. And down here was a little slower. Still more walleyes were caught on the south end than up north.

   Feb. 15 cold light snow   Fishing has improved in the shallower waters.  With 14'-18' in the morning and evening.  As well as 24'-28' most of the day. I went yesterday with Monte and we caught 6 keepers in two and a half hours. Not great but not bad.

     Feb. 11 breezy 20  Yesterday we had 6" of snow and 40+ mph winds. Fishing has been spotty on the reefs with some houses doing ok with 18 fish and others with 8 . Down here yesterday it was 10- 14 per house with some nice walleyes . We are fishing between 20+ and 27'. And will probably go shallower.

    Feb. 7  mild light snow  Fishing has improved at least back to what it's been most of the winter. WE are fishing our first people up north. Reports are mixed there to.

   Feb. 4  still cold    They keep saying there is a warm up coming .  If they named Alberta clippers we would be at z.  This was the worst weekend for fishing anywhere on the lake. Everyone is scrambling to find something better. And we are heading with a few houses to the reefs .(even with reports not so good)

     Jan. 31 cold sun and windy  -40 wc   The cycle just keeps going from warm to cold. The last few days we are seeing more walleyes. But the numbers are still a round 8-12 fish kept per house. As well as some nice slot fish.

  Jan. 27  sun / warm  The fishing yesterday was good for some and so so for others . This year you have to work hard to catch the fish. The morning and evening seem to be the best lately . The best house yesterday kept 20 with a couple slot fish. The rest were 8-12 per house. There were several other slot walleyes caught.

  Jan.24  -38  cold and cloudy   Fishing is still the same with some slots and around 10 keepers per house. Not the best fishing but far from bad.   

  Jan.19  sun / cold   Fishing was pretty good yesterday with the cold and wind. Quite a few slot fish from 22"-26".  The houses ran 11to 12  fish kept on average.

    Jan.18  snow 18   Fishing was just o.k. with houses keeping 10 fish on average. Also some of the biggest tulibes I have seen. The reports are about the same around the lake some days your the top and other your not. We need a little more snow and we'll start heading north.

  Jan.17 cold then warm  Just like every week so far. And the fishing seems to follow the weather with up and down. Yesterday as the cold front brought us some -20's fishing was real good in the morning. There were lots of nice walleyes . The bigs were 27.5, 26,26,25.25 and24 as well as a few that were just over 19.5.



What we offer

At Randall's Resort we offer various fishing options
for each season.

In the spring you may want to try sturgeon fishing. Summer you can bring your own boat or rent one of ours, fishing is great out in the gap or pine island areas. Or treat yourself to a launch trip on our 27' Sportscraft. Fall finds great fishing out front with hunting options also available. Winter and ice fishing y0u go from your cozy cabin to a heated ice house in a unique ice vehicle.

What ever your need give us a call.

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